2011 Archives http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/table/2011-articles/may/ Tue, 23 May 2017 04:58:34 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb No Marlins Player High in All-Star Voting http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/no-marlins-player-high-in-all-star-voting.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/no-marlins-player-high-in-all-star-voting.html Vote_For_GabyWhere are all you Marlins fans at?  MLB released if first look at the number of votes for the 2011 All-Star game and no Marlins player is in the top 5 at any position.  While players like Buck, Infante, Coghlan, and Hanley are not exsactly having All-Star caliber seasons thus far, Logan Morrison and Gaby Sanchez have carried the offense for one of the best teams in MLB. Also Mike Stanton is one of the top home run hitters in the National League.  I know that people who look at just the numbers may look over Morrison for some other players because they do not know that he missed a few games, but their is no way that Gaby Sanchez should be behind someone like Atlanta's Freddie Freeman in all star voting.  If you look at my Vote for Gaby posting, you can see that Gaby has some of the best numbers for a first baseman in the National League, and really only the Red's Joey Votto is comparable to Gaby.  So Marlins fans, your players deserve to play in the All-Star game and they need your help to get their.  Go over to MLB.com and vote for Gaby Sanchez & Co. for the 2011 All-Star game.


National League All-Star Voting numbers as of 5/31:

Buster Posey, Giants: 785,314
Brian McCann, Braves: 633,987
Yadier Molina, Cardinals: 595,576
Carlos Ruiz, Phillies: 354,680
Ramon Hernandez, Reds: 350,771

Albert Pujols, Cardinals: 988,784
Joey Votto, Reds: 806,346
Prince Fielder, Brewers: 540,269
Ryan Howard, Phillies: 521,220
Freddie Freeman, Braves: 200,886

Brandon Phillips, Reds: 837,778
Rickie Weeks, Brewers: 562,071
Chase Utley, Phillies: 561,585
Dan Uggla, Braves: 465,219
Freddy Sanchez, Giants: 347,713

Placido Polanco, Phillies: 724,724
Chipper Jones, Braves: 540,168
Pablo Sandoval, Giants: 522,037
David Wright, Mets: 500,200
Scott Rolen, Reds: 370,271

Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies: 975,777
Jimmy Rollins, Phillies: 454,782
Jose Reyes, Mets: 408,699
Alex Gonzalez, Braves: 328,021
Stephen Drew, Diamondbacks: 303,811

Ryan Braun, Brewers: 971,809
Matt Holliday, Cardinals: 927,778
Lance Berkman, Cardinals: 872,434
Andre Ethier, Dodgers: 776,971
Matt Kemp, Dodgers: 549,215
Jason Heyward, Braves: 484,291
Shane Victorino, Phillies: 476,644
Carlos Beltran, Mets: 389,561
Alfonso Soriano, Cubs: 354,231
Justin Upton, Diamondbacks: 338,487
Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies: 337,728
Jay Bruce, Reds: 337,380
Raul Ibanez, Phillies: 294,294
Drew Stubbs, Reds: 292,907
Martin Prado, Braves: 284,558

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Should MLB Change Rules about Colliding with Catchers http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/should-mlb-change-rules-about-colliding-with-catchers.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/should-mlb-change-rules-about-colliding-with-catchers.html bildeOne of the last Marlins games I was able to watch before heading to Trinidad for work was the Marlins 7-6 win over the Giants in 12 innings.  The game was capitalized by Marlins Scott Cousins colliding hard with Giants catcher Buster Posey to sore the go ahead run.  Unfortunately as a result of the hard collision Buster Posey had to be carried off the field with an injured leg, and it was latter revealed to be a broken leg and strained ligaments in his ankle that would mean the end of Posey's season.  The next day their was an eruption all over the baseball world over whether or not baseball should change their rules about colliding with the catcher, and also whether it was a dirty play by Cousins.  Now I finally get a chance to express my opionion and the answer is no on both counts.

First off any idea that Scott Cousins went in their trying to hurt Posey is insane.  If you watch the video after Cousins makes sure that he tags the base, he goes over to Posey to check on him.  Cousins also said that he did not sleep that night and tried repeatedly to get in contact with Posey to appologise and Posey has expressed indifference as to getting in contact with Cousins, which is something I cannot believe.  Both Giants manager Bruce Bochy and Buster Posey have said that Scott Cousins did not do anything illegal, but he did have a lane that he could have slid in.  However had Cousins slid, while Posey would have not gotten hurt their would also have been a decent chance, had Posey caught the ball cleanly, that he could have tagged Cousins out.  Also it is not as though sliding means no injury.  Reigning AL MVP Josh Hamilton has already missed a good chunk of this season when he broke his arm trying to slide in home plate.

The fact is that the majority of people demanding a rule change are people like Bruce Bochy and Posey's agent, both of whom depend on Posey's play to be successful, and Giants fans who had Posey done that same thing to John Buck with Buck the one getting hurt would have said it was a great job by Posey.  Most real baseball people know that his is just a part of the game and that baseball should not overreact just because one star player got hurt.  Truth is if baseball were to get rid of players running into the catchers, what about the play where a player slides into second trying to break up the double play? Does that play need to be stopped as well?  And if you are going to make runners avoid running in to the catcher, then you also need to stop catchers from blocking the plate with their bodies when they are waiting on the throw.  Lets be honest if MLB were to make a rule like little league baseball where runners must slide and avoid contact, MLB catchers are just going to sit on the plate while waiting for the catch making sliding into the plate almost impossible, unless forced by the rules to do be off of it.

Luckily baseball is one of the slowest moving organisations in the world when it comes to change, so it is doubtful anything will actually come of this other than the Giants losing several more games than they would have otherwise.  Was this and unfortunate accident, yes.  Do all Marlins players and fans wish that Posey had not gotten hurt, yes.  This was an unfortunate accident, but is nothing that deserve swift action to be taken and rule changes by MLB.

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Marlins lose JJ but Take 2 of 3 from Rays http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-lose-jj-but-take-2-of-3-from-rays.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-lose-jj-but-take-2-of-3-from-rays.html After a great eighth inning surge to beat the Rays on Friday night, the Marlins had their most up and down emotional day for its fans on Saturday.  The day started off with news breaking around 11am that the Marlins would be placing pitcher Josh Johnson on the 15-day disabled list.  It turns out that the injury is only some inflamation in his right shoulder, and with the DL stint being retroactive to May 17, it turns out that Johnson should be back for the Marlins series in Arizona and only miss two stars.  However when the Marlins fans seeing the headline that their ace is going to the DL it seems like diasterous news.  Of course then Marlins fans had to deal with Javier Vazquez pitching against their Florida rival Rays ace, David Price.  Going into the game Javier Vazquez had a 7.55 ERA, had not pitched past six innings in any game, and had given up at least one run in the first inning of every game.  Pretty much everyone including myself, was expecting this to be a disaster. 

Javier_VazquezBut in a surprise as good, as the Josh Johnson surprise was bad, Vazquez had his best outing of the year pitching seven innings of shut out baseball, only giving up three hits, two walks, and struck out a season high seven batters.  Before the series started manager Edwin Rodriguez told the media that the Marlins were going to stay with Javy no matter what happens, and the Marlins need him to turn his series around.  He said the Marlins really do not have many options right now to replace him in the rotation.  It is true, as I have said before both West and Sanabia are hurt and not ready for major league action right now, but Rodriguez may have also known that their was a chance that JJ could go to the DL and so Jay Buente wouuld not be able to replace Vazquez as he could be called up to replace JJ.  This start was big for Vazquez in the Marlins not only because they need the other pitchers in the rotation to step up while Johnson is on the DL, but just to get Vaszquez some confidence going forward.  It was obvious that he has had his confidence shaken by his performance thus far in 2011, especially after his last outing against Washington when he gave up six runs in the first inning to one of the worse offensive teams in MLB.  It will be another two or three starts before we know Vazquez has actually turned his performance around, but for now we can only pray that his start Saturday was a return to the old Vazquez.

The Josh Johnson move to the DL was just one of a couple the Marlins made this weekend.  With the Marlins placing JJ on the DL, the Marlins called up RHP Jay Buente to replace him in the Marlins rotation (3IP, 5H, 4R, 3ER, 3BB, 1K on Sunday).  Although the Marlins needed to make room in the 40-man roster for Buente the Marlins moved Donnie Murphy to the 60-day DL.  The Marlins also were able to activate Clay Hensley off of the 15-day DL, but instead of sending Burke Badenhop back to the minors, the Marlins choose to send Ozzie Martinez to New Orleans.  The Marlins kept the extra man for the bullpen because of exsactly what happened Sunday with Buente only able to go three innings, having Badenhop in the bullpen gives the Marlins an extra bullpen pitcher who can go more than one inning.  Also John Baker, who has been on the 60-day DL since March 30, needed to take a few days off from his rehab starts due to soreness.

From the offensive stand point the Marlins were did in alright job but no one really stood out, especially after Ray's James Sheilds three hit complete game shut out on Sunday where is struck out 13.  Gaby Sanchez went 3-10 with two of the Marlins three hits on Sunday.  The Marlins other All-Star canidate, Logan Morrison, went 3-11 and on Friday he was 2-4 with a home run, two runs, and two RBI.  Mike Stanton also had two hits, a home run, and two RBI, but he saw his hit streak come to an end Saturday and went 0-7 in the last two games of the series.

Vote_For_GabyAlso want to remind fans that they should go to http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2011/ballot.jsp  and vote for Gaby Sanchez an Logan Morrison.  Also the Marlins have a promotion going were if you vote once you get 1/2 off bullpen bleacher seats, and if you vote 22 times you can get two free bullpen bleacher seats.

The Marlins now head out on their first west coast road trip of the year.  It will be a nine game trip starting in San Francisco on Tuesday.

  • Tuesday at 10:15-- Ricky Nolasco vs Matt Cain
  • Wednesday at 10:15-- Chris Volstad vs. Madison Bumgarner
  • Thursday at 3:45-- Anibal Sanchez vs. Ryan Vogelsong
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Marlins Place Josh Johnson on DL http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-place-josh-johnson-on-dl.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-place-josh-johnson-on-dl.html the marlins today announced that they have placed josh johnson on the fifteen day dl list.  the injury is being reported as right shoulder inflatation, and has nothing to do with the combacker that struck josh johnson on his right forearm in his last start.  in his last start josh saw his velocity go from the upper ninties to just ninty one.  the injury does not seem all that serious as josh johnson said he has dealt with a sore shoulder all year, and is only expected to miss two starts.  marlins have brought up jay buente to take his spot in the rotation, but to make room on the fourty man roster for buente the marlins had to move donnie murphy over to the sixty day dl.

i apoligize for the way this post has been formated, but i am writing it from my droid phone. 

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Marlins Homestand off the Bad Start http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-homestand-off-the-bad-start.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-homestand-off-the-bad-start.html Edwin_ArguesThings looked so good for the Marlins this week after an 11 inning surprising win in New York on Monday, thanks to an RBI single by Burk Badenhop of all people, but how quickly things changed.  Tuesday game in New York was postponed due to the threat of rain that was predicted for the area of Tuesday night, then the Marlins came home to face a Chicago Cubs team that had really been playing poorly as of late, and got swept in the two game series.  The Marlins fall to 24-18, and while still only a game a and a half behind Philadelphia, they no longer have the second best record in the NL and are only a game ahead of Atlanta

Wednesday night the Marlins blew two leads and lost 7-5.  Ricky Nolasco was suppose to start Tuesday, but had his start push back to Wednesday with the postponement.  It is not clear whether or not that played a reason as to why the Marlins starter was not at the top of his game Wednesday giving up four earned runs, five total, on nine hits, but I think it is safe to say he would have pitched better had he made is scheduled start against the Mets.  Then on Thursday night the Marlins just were unable to get any hits with men on base.  The Marlins scored one run on a Mike Stanton solo home run, they also had seven other hits in the game and left twelve men on base.

This series really did just come down to the fact that the Marlins on offense could not drive in any the men on base and on defense they let Marlon Byrd and Reed Johnson steal these two games from them.  The Marlins against the Cubs were able to score six runs in the two games combined, which is not bad, but they also left a combined 22 men on base.  In effect the Marlins left 1.2 men on base every inning of this series.  Meanwhile Marlon Byrd and Reed Johnson combined to go 5-12, with three home runs and six RBI.  Byrd and Johnson are responsible for scoring as many runs as the Marlins scored in the series, and six of the Cubs 12 runs.

The real shame in this is that it comes out to another loss for Chris Volstad, who was actually pitching pretty well. Volstad got pulled out of the game because manager Edwin Rodriquez tried to spark some offense in the fifth inning when the pitchers spot lead off the inning, but it did not work as Scott Cousins struck out pitch hitting for Volstad.  Through five innings Volstad had given up three runs, but off only four hits and a walk, while striking out five on 71 pitches.  Volstad was on pace for his best outing since April 26 against the Dodgers when we gave up two runs in seven innings of work.  Volstad is now 2-3 with an ERA of 5.73, but if you look hard at his last few starts it has just been a matter of one poor inning or a few bad pitches that has really hurt his numbers  If he could just minimalize the damage in that one bad inning he usually has, Volstad be a very good fourth of fifth starter.

While the Marlins continue to get solid play from the hear of their batting order, Gaby Sanchez, Logan Morrison, Greg Dobbs, the players around them continue to have their ups and downs as the plate.  The Marlins biggest name player, Hanley Ramirez, bounced back from his 0-6 performance Tuesday in New York to go 4-6 with a home run and his team high ninth stolen base.  Hanley's batting average is now up to .217, and at this point people really should not talk about him making good contact or starting to hit the ball well until he prove he can sustain it and at least get his average to .230. The other player who is really starting to struggle is Chris Coghlan, who since taking a day off due to shoulder soreness has seen his average drop from .297 to .238.  Over that time Coghlan has gone 13-77 and more recently he only has three hits in his last 33 at bats.  When you figured going into the year that three of the top four batting averages on this team should come from Hanley, Coghlan, and Infante and those guys right now are hitting .217, .238, .231 respectively it is amazing the Marlins are still doing as well as they are.  The one guy who is on the up swing, pun not intended, is Mike Stanton.  Stanton has a seven game hitting streak going, and has a hit in 10 of the Marlins last 11 games.  Over that 11 game span, Stanton has gone 13-39 with four home runs and has raised his batting average from .232 to .261.  While Stanton should only hit between .250-.265 for the season, it is nice to se him beginning to make more consistent contact with the baseball.

Also I did get a question about JoseCeda, who has been a lights out closer in AAA this season, and when he would come up and be the Marlins closer.  Chances are that is quite a ways a way.  Leo Nunez, although he tends to make things interesting, is 15 for 15 in save opportunities this year and is under contract until 2013.  Nunez will be the Marlins closer, unless he loses the job to poor performance, until he is no longer on the team.  Even this year if Nunez beings to faulter, the Marlins would try out Clay Hensley and then Mike Dunn in the closer role before turning to Ceda.  The Marlins right now like the way that their bullpen has performed and with Clay Hensley about to return (got nine outs on 22 pitches in extended spring training the other day), Burke Badenhop will again be sent down to the minors and will be the guy the Marlins prefer to bring up if they need another right handed pitcher in the bullpen for whatever reason.  Ceda offers the Marlins some options, but he most likely will not see time in the Marlins bullpen until September unless the Marlins get several injuries to their bullpen, or they trade a guy or two to get a third baseman or fifth starter because they do have depth in the bullpen.

The Marlins now have to welcome the AL East leading Tampa Bay Rays to south florida for a weekend interleague series.  And as much as I want to believe the Javier Vazquez can turn this season around, I feel your pain Marlins fans when I look as Saturdays matchup.

  • Friday at 7:10-- Anibal Sanchez vs. Andy Sonnanstine
  • Saturday at 4:10-- David Price vs. Javier Vazquez 
  • Sunday at 1:10-- James Sheilds vs. Josh Johnson
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Marlins Fail to get the Sweep Again http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-fail-to-get-the-sweep-again.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-fail-to-get-the-sweep-again.html Bad_JavyThe Marlins pulled off two great wins in Washington on Friday and Saturday, but again failed to get the sweep on Sunday falling to the Nationals 8-4.  The Marlins are now 1-4 in potential sweep games with the one sweep coming against the Pirates.  The Marlins loss on Sunday can be placed squarely on Javier Vazquez who let up six runs in the first inning.  Vazquez gave up six runs on seven hits, two walks, while striking out four in only four innings of work.  Even though Javy only let up one walk and one hit after the first, but he still saw his ERA raise up to 7.55.  The Marlins were still able to get four runs on eight hits, but that first inning was just to much to over come.  Manager Edwin Rodriguez says that Javy is just not had get control of his pitches and is now really had his confidence shaken.  The Marlins want to give Javy the best chance to get on track, and they are going to have to stick with him until Alex Sanabia and Sean West get healthy, but right now he is a huge detriment to the Marlins ever five days.

As bad as Sunday was, Friday and Saturday were good for the Marlins.  On Saturday the Marlins saw Anibal Sanchez, who had struggled on the road this year, pitch eight innings of shut out baseball giving up only three hits and two walks while striking out nine.  The Marlins needed that great performance as Nationals pitcher Livan Hernandez pitched seven innings giving up one run, a Mike Stanton solo blast.  And the day before the Marlins again won by a single run, winning 6-5 in the 11th inning.  The Marlins ended up winning on a double by Greg Dobbs scoring Omar Infante, but most of the Marlins runs were scored thanks to the long ball.  Gaby Sanchez, John Buck, Mike Stanton, and Logan Morrison all hit home runs on Friday.  The Marlins also got a good performance from starter Chris Volstad who pitched six inning giving up four runs, eight hits, one walk, and seven strike outs in six innings, but most of the damage was done in a three run fourth inning by the Nationals.

Outside of Javier Vazquez most of the Marlins players played pretty well.  Marlins saw Mike Stanton go 4 for 10 with two home runs and three RBI, and in his first games back from the DL Logan Morrison went 4 for 12 with a home run and he extended his consecutive game hit streak to 13.  Of course the Marlins also saw Hanley Ramirez, coming off a great couple of games, go 2 for 12 with five strike outs against the Nationals.  Credit also has to be given to Brett Hayes who when given opportunities has really come through in 2011.  Hayes is hitting .400 in 2011 and Sunday went 1 for 3 with an RBI.  John Baker is still on the 60-day DL, but he is getting better as evident by him moving up to Double-A Jacksonville from Single-A Jupiter.  Baker is expected to rejoin the Marlins when he is fully healthy, but if Hayes keeps hitting this way he is going to make it really hard for the Marlins to replace him as the backup catcher.

With the Phillies also losing on Sunday the 23-16 Marlins remain only two games behind them in the standings, and are three games ahead of Atlanta in the loss collum heading into their games this week.  The Marlins now head to New York to play the Mets for two games before coming home for another two game series versus the Cubs.

  • Monday in New York at 7:10-- Josh Johnson vs. Mike Pelfry
  • Tuesday in New York at 7:10-- Ricky Nolasco vs. Jonathan Niese
  • Wednesday vs. Chicago at 7:10-- Chris Volstad vs. Ryan Dempster
  • Thursday vs. Chicago at 7:10-- Anibal Snchez vs.  Doug Davis
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Vote For Gaby http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/vote-for-gaby.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/vote-for-gaby.html Vote_For_Gaby

Marlins Fans, if you are a true Marlins fan, you know that Gaby Sanchez is having a great year.  He is one of the leaders of this team, and this year he is one of the Marlins top hitters, not only in average but in RBI's and home runs as well.  While the story around baseball involving the Marlins has been how they have been off to this great start despite struggles from Hanley Ramirez and Mike Stanton, the reason the Marlins have not struggled offensively has in large part been because of Gaby.  His numbers are so good that he is in the top 10 in several NL batting categories.  However being a first basemen in the NL means that you often get over looked when it comes to All-Str voting because of bigger named players.  So Marlins fans it is your job to log on to mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2011/ballot.jsp and vote for Gaby Sanchez and other Marlins players.  Spread the word, vote often, and lets get Gaby to Arizona for All-Star Weekend.

Also the Florida Marlins are rewarding fans for voting for the 2011 All-Star game.  Vote once and get 1/2 of Bullpen Bleacher seats on selected games, and vote 22 times and youu get two FREE tickets to a  Marlins game.

Check out Gaby Sanchez's numbers when compared to the other All-Star first basemen in the National League (Number in parentheses is rank compared to other NL first basemen).  Gaby has stats (as of 6/5/11) that are very comparble to 2010 MVP Joey Votto and one of the hottest power hitters in the game this month, Prince Fielder.  Only Fielder and Sanchez are in the top 5 in every catigory.  Also I had to add Freddie Freeman since he is 5th in NL All-Star voting, ahead of Gaby Sanchez.

Gaby Sanchez, FLA 77 (2nd) 34 (4th) 41 (3rd) 31 (4th) 40 16 (2nd) 11 (4th) .312  (3rd) .387 (4th) .510 (4th) .897 (4th)
Albert Pujols, STL 71 (4th) 46 (1st) 40 (4th) 28 (6th) 24 10 (10th) 14 (2nd) .274 (7th) .348 (8th) .475
.823 (5th)
Ryan Howard, PHI 61 (7th) 32 (5th) 53 (2nd) 31 (5th) 78 15 (6th) 13 (3rd) .247 (10th) .336 (10th) .474 (6th) .809 (7th)
Prince Fielder, MIL 72 (3rd) 39 (3rd) 58 (1st) 37 (3rd) 31 17 (1st) 19 (1st) .305 (4th) .415 (2nd) .627 (1st) 1.042 (1st)
Joey Votto, CIN 80 (1st) 46 (1st) 39 (5th) 55 (1st) 50 16 (2nd) 8 (7th) .335 (1st) .463 (1st) .519 (3rd) .982 (2nd)
Freddie Freeman, ATL 62 (6th) 27 (7th) 25 (10th) 21 (11th) 56 16 (2nd) 6 (10th) .272 (8th) .336 (9th) .421 (8th) .757 (9th)
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Phillies take 2 of 3 in Florida http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/phillies-take-2-of-3-in-florida.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/phillies-take-2-of-3-in-florida.html JJ_n_GabyThe last two nights the Phillies and the Marlins have put on quite a show and have played some top level baseball.  On Tuesday night Josh Johnson got off to a rough start giving up a home run to Howard ang throwing 60 pitches in three innings, but he was able to turn it around as the Marlins got a RBI single from Coghlan in the eight inning to beat Roy Halladay, who pitched a complete game.  Combined Josh Johnson and Roy Halladay only gave up two earned runs and struck out 16 while only giving up 11 hits.  It was a show down of two of the best pitchers in the big leagues, and it lived up to the hype.

Then not to be out done Cliff Lee and Ricky Nolasco came in and put on a show on Wednesday night.  The game Wednesday was oddly similar to the game Tuesday as Hanley Ramirez hit an early home run to give the Marlins a 1-0 lead and then the Phillies came back late to get the win.  While neither pitcher made it through the 7th, but both still pitched well.  Nolasco was taken out after giving up a run with one out in the seventh, but he still had six strikeouts in only six innings.  This game came down to a match-up between bullpens and Romero, Kendrick and Madson only gave up one hit in three innings, while Dunn and Nunez gave up three runs in two innings.  The win gives the Phillies a 3-2 season series lead and puts them up three games in the standings.  For the Phillies it looks like Ryan Madson is turning into the potential closer that the Phillies thought he could turn into two years ago.  Madson is down five for five in save opportunities with a 0.60 ERA.

The game the both teams want to forget is the first game of the series, where the Phillies won 6-4.  The Marlins were able to smack around Phillies starter Joe Blanton for three runs on eight hits in five innings, but another poor start from Javier Vazquez doomed the fish.  Vazquez only pitched 4.1 innings giving up six runs, five earned, on nine hits. 

Everyone believed that this was a great signing for the Marlins this offseason, but it has turned out to be anything but.  On the year Javy is 2-3 with a 6.88 ERA and only has 16 strikeouts in 35.1 inning, and has 22 walks.  Javier Vazquez is back home in Puerto Rico right now because of a death in the family, but he is expected to be with the team and make his next start in Washington.  Also expected to join the Marlins in Washington is Edward Mujica who had to be carted off the field on Friday after suffering a sprained left knee on Monday. Also their is a chance that Logan Morrison will rejoin the Marlins this weekend after making a few rehab starts this week in Jupiter.

Hanley_2nd_HRI hate to say that Hanley Ramirez is starting to turn the corner as I have said that before this year, and he has gone right back to slumping, but Hanley did go 5-11 against Philadelphia with a home run and even on his outs he was making some good contact with the ball.  His batting average is up to .217, but at the same time Mike Stanton has fallen back down to .234.  Stanton has gone 4-24 in his last seven games.  It is a real testament to the rest of this Florida Marlins team that with as poorly as those two have hit, this team is six games over .500 at 21-15.

On that same note, Marlins Fans we need to some how get Gaby Sanchez to the All-Star game.  The guy has been incredible for the Marlins this year.  Gaby Sanchez his hitting .336 with an OBP of .414, a Slugging% of .533, has six home runs, 23 RBI, 22 runs, and a walk to strikeout ratio of almost 1:1 (19K and 22BB).  I know playing first base at an All-Star game is a tough job to get, especially in the NL with Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, Joey Votto, and Albert Pujols, and that is why we need you to go out and vote often for Gaby.

As I said the Marlins now will head up to Washington for a weekend series versus the Nationals.  Marlins need to be careful as they have both Volstad and Vazquez pitching, and Anibal pitching on the road.

  • Friday at 7:05pm-- Chris Volstad vs. Tom Gorzelanny
  • Saturday at 1:05pm-- Anibal Sanchez vs. Livan Hernandez
  • Sunday at 1:35pm-- Javier Vazquuez vs. Jason Marquis
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Marlins Injury Updates-Hensley, Vazquez, Mujica, Morrison http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-injury-updates.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/marlins-injury-updates.html Clay Hensley who was placed on the DL on Saturday, May 7 had an MRI on Monday which relvieled a hairline fracture to his left scapular.  It will take four to six weeks for the fracture to completely heal, but the doctor told Hensley he should be able to rejoin the Marlins bullpen when he comes off the DL on May 22.  Hensley was replaced in the bullpen by Burke Badenhop.

Javire Vazquez has been placed on the Bereavement List so that he can return home to Puerto Rico after a recent death in his wife's family.  Vazquez is eligible and is expected to return Friday night when the Marlins take on the Nationals in Washington.

Also with Vazquez, I know that some fans want to take him out of the order because of the way that he has pitched, but you need to realise the Marlins top replacement pitchers in the minor leagues, Sean West and Alex Sanabia, are both hurt.  The Marlins best options right now to replace hit would be either Elih Villanueva or maybe Chad James, but neither of those players are on the Marlins' 40-man roster.

Edward Mujica looked to be destined to go to the DL in the seventh inning on Monday when he had to carted off the field.  Later that night word came in that his injury was just a left knee sprain and that he will be day-to-day, but he will miss the rest of the Phillies series.  With Hensley already on the DL the Marlins were very limited on choices on who they could bring up.  If Mujica turns out to be more series, chances are the Marlins will call up either Sandy Rosario or Steve Cishek.

Logan Morrison made his first rehab start on Monday, and he played left field and went 0-3 with a strike out, but one of those outs was a long fly ball that was caught at the warning track.  Morrison is also playing tonight and will make a few more starts most likely.  The Marlins hope that he will be able to play this weekend in Washington.  It should also be noted that playing along with Morrison in Jupiter right now is John Baker and Matt Dominguez.

No new news on Donnie Murphy.

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Sanchez's Help Marlins Avoid Sweep http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/sanchezs-help-marlins-avoid-sweep.html http://www.marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/may/sanchezs-help-marlins-avoid-sweep.html AnibalAfter losing to the Nationals 3-2 on Friday and 5-2 on Saturday, the Marlins were able to the sweep by winning 8-0 on Sunday thanks in large part to Anibal and Gaby Sanchez.  Anibal Sanchez continued his great pitching form Sun Life Stadium pitching seven innings of shut out ball, striking out a career-high 11 batters.  Anibal had a no hitter going into the seventh before allowing two hits, and he only allowed three base runners in seven innings.  The other Sanchez, Gaby Sanchez, did hit part to care the Marlins offense.  Gaby went 4-4 with a home run, three runs, three RBIs, and a walk.  Gaby Scored the first two runs of the day for the Marlins doubling in the second and fourth and both times scored on hits by Greg Dobbs, who went 3-3.  The only Sanchez not to perform for the Marlins today was Brian Sanches who did not get out of the bullpen today.

The win stopped the Marlins three game losing streak and kept them on pace with the best start in team history, 20-13.  The Marlins being able to score eight runs on 13 hits was big for the Marlins who had struggled from the plate in their three losses.  The Marlins had only 7 total runs in the last three games with the team hitting 16-92 (.174), and the top 5 in the Marlins order were even worse.  Chris Coghlan, Emilio Bonifacio, Hanley Ramirez, Gaby Sanchez and Mike Stanton in the Marlins 3 game losing streak were 5-54 (.093).  The only players that hit the ball consistently were John Buck, who has hit the ball well the last week and a half, and Greg Dobbs.  Combined Dobbs and Buck went 8-18, and Dobbs only played in two of the three games.  

Gaby_n_BuckThe Marlins poor plate appearances from Ricky Nolasco and Chris Volstad in the first two games of this series versus the Nationals.  Nolasco yesterday pitched seven innings giving up two runs on six hits, two walks and striking out 11.  More impressively Chris Volstad pitched six innings, giving up three runs, eight hits with one walk, and  four of those hits and two runs came in the first inning off of Volstad.

Had the Marlins been able to to get some timely hits then they would have had a chance to sweep this series.  The Marlins suffered from their in ability to score runners in scoring position, misreading signs from third, and several fielding errors.  Meanwhile the Nationals on the other hand were able to get several sac flies to sore runners on third and they also played very well from the field, especially second baseman Danny Espinosa who had some great plays in the field.

The Marlins are now playing host to the Philadelphia Phillies.  The Marlins, who are 2.5 games behind the Phillies currently with Philadelphia set to take on the Braves on Sunday Night Baseball, will have a chance to either share or take over the lead in the NL East if they can get the sweep.

  • Monday 7:10-- Javier Vazquez vs. Joe Blanton
  • Tuesday 7:10-- Josh Johnson vs. Roy Halladay
  • Wednesday 7:10-- Ricky Nolasco vs. Cliff Lee
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