On Tuesday the man formally known as Leo Nunez, accompanied by some members of the Marlins Front Office, returned to Jupiter, FL to address the media.  Juan Calros Oviedo says that he is relived to actually be able to play using his real name.  Oviedo received his new visa this past weekend and headed right back to the states to face his suspension for lying about his name and age.  While he is not facing any penalty from the Marlins, he was suspended by Major League Baseball for 60 days.  

Oviedo has kept in shape while back home and he is expected to work out in Jupiter for the time being.  He will be able to start his rehab assignments 30 days before the he is reinstated.  President of Baseball Operations, David Sampson, said he is not sure where Oviedo will start his rehab (Jupiter, Jacksonville, or New Orleans), but if his stuff is as good as it has been he should be starting off in New Orleans.  Sampson also said that Heath Bell is still and will be the teams closer on July 23rd, when Oviedo is able to return to the Major League roster.  Most likely he will be the teams seventh inning guy as Steve Cishek seems to have solidify his role as the team's set up man.

The Marlins signed Juan Carlos Oviedo to a $8 million offer this past winter even though he had been facing his visa issue since September.  However because of the visa issue and now 2 month suspension, Oviedo stands to collect only $2.4 million of that offer.