Thursday was just on of those days that the Miami Marlins are going to with that they could forget.  First, the Marlins got word that Emilio Bonifacio, who is on the 15 day DL, is going to be having surgery on his left thumb to repair a ligament and he will be out four to six weeks. 

Almost an hour later the Marlins let it be known that Austin Kearns will be heading to the DL.  He has a right hamstring injury and his DL stint is retro active to May 23rd.  The Marlins recalled outfielder Kevin Mattison from Triple-AAA New Orleans to replace him.  This injury could mean that Gaby Sanchez return to the big leagues sooner than originally thought due to the Marlins lack of depth now with right handed bats.  Gaby was sent down to find his swing and he has been productive with the Zephers. Gaby has gone 4-10 with three runs, a double, two RBI, six walks and a 1.147 OPS.  Usually after a player is sent down he is not allowed to come back up till a minimum of 10 days later, which would be May 30th for Gaby, but with the injury to Kearns that waiting period is waived.

Then of course after all of that the Marlins had to take the field for their first game in a four game series against the Giants.  To say that it didn't go well maybe an understatement.  The Marlins gave up only one run in the first five innings and went on to give up 13 runs over the next four innings and ended up losing 14-7.  It is the Marlins second loss in a row and third game in a row they have given up a six or more runs.  This could just be a result of the Marlins players growing tired after playing for the 14th day in a row and 23rd game in 24 days.  While most of those games have been played at home it still is an exhausting stretch that you would think would take its toll on any team.

The Marlins did receive some good news on Wednesdy however as Juan Carlos Oviedo, formally known as Leo Nunez, was given a visa to return to the USA.  Oviedo was discovered to have lied about his name and age about 10 months ago and while doing something like this is a serious offense, because of his cooperation he received a pardon from the United States.  It is still unclear what if any punishment Oviedo will receive from MLB and when exactly he will be able to rejoin the Marlins.