Yoenis_Cespedes_-_CubaWith all of the Marlins moves this off season their is still one that could be made in center field, and all of the discussion is about the Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes.  Over the past few days their have been conflicting reports about how wiling the Marlins are to pay to acquire Cespedes.  On report earlier in the week said that the Marlins maybe hesitant to offer up a big contract to the Cuban defector after all of the money that the team has spent to this off season to acquire Bell, Buehrle, and Reyse.  However a report the next day from Ken Rosenthal said that the Marlins would be willing to over pay for the rights to his services, however Cespedes seems to be trying to lower his price by hitting under .200 in Winter League plat in the Dominican Republic.  Cespedes has yet to be approved to join the free agent market in part due to the face that up until yesterday he had not established residency anywhere, yesterday he declared residency in the Dominican Republic.  The bidding for Cespedes is believed to start around $30 million, but it could end up over $60 million.  Right now it is believed the the Marlins will be bidding against the White Sox, Indians, Cubs and Orioles, the Tigers were expected to make a strong push for him but they may be out of the running now with the $214 million contract they signed Prince Fielder to.

If the Marlins are do not acquire Cespedes than they will most likely go into the season with Chris Coghlan and Emilio Bonifacio competing for the starting center fielder spot, that is if Coghlan's right knee is 100% which the team believes it will be.  The Marlins could sign free agent Corey Patterson or Rich Ankiel to play the position if they wanted, but considering how well Bonifacio played for most of last year, and neither of these players being a significant improvement their signing is highly doubtful.