Tonight the Marlins have seemed to have solidified the fifth spot in their rotation by trading Chris Volstad to the Chicago Cubs for right handed pitcher Carlos Zambrano.  With the Cubs picking up the majority of whats left on his contract and only taking Chris Volstad back in return, it seems as though the 31 year old Venezuelan native just became to much trouble than he was worth to the Cubs. Zambrano has not has had a series of altercations with the Cubs over the past several years including a dugout altercation with Derrek Lee in 2010 and was all but dismissed from the team last year after leaving Turner Field this past season.Their is some hope that this behavior will not follow Zambrano to Miami as he is personal friends with manager Ozzie Guillen, who is also from Venezuela.

For his career Carlos Zambrano is 125-81 with a 3.60 ERA in 319 games played, 282 of which he started (he had 21 relief apperences prior to 2002 and another 16 relief appearances in 2010).  While Zambrano's temper has made most of the headlines the past couple of seasons, but he has also been able to put up decent statistics, especially when you consider that the Cubs were trying to have him be their ace, while in Miami he will be the fourth or fifth starter.  Last year Zambrano has 9-7 in 24 starts with 101 strikeouts with a 4.84 ERA (highest of his career), in 2010 he was 11-6 with 20 starts and 16 relief appearances with 117 strikeouts and a 3.33 ERA, and in 2009 he was 9-7 in 28 starts with 152 strike outs and a 3.77 ERA.

Chris Volstad, who grew up in Palm Beach, was working out when he got the call about the trade and was shocked and a little disappointed in the news.  Volstad has had a very up and down career as a Marlin, and I mean that literally as he has bounced back and forth from the Majors to the Minors since making his debut in 2008. In 2008 he was 6-4 in 14 starts with a 2.88 ERA, but he has been wildly inconsistent.  He has had very poor stretches and stretch where he has showed a lot of promise.  However overall since 2008 he has gone 26-35 with an ERA close to 5 and has given uup 69 home runs in 88 games.