Leo_NunezThe Miami Marlins avoided arbitration with two of their relief pitchers on Monday.  Edward Mujica and the Marlins agreed to a one-year deal worth $1.625 million and they signed Juan Carlos Oviedo, formally known as Leo Nunez, to a one-year deal worth $6 million.  The current belief is that the Marlins will try to trade Oviedo to a team in need of a closer.  The Marlins have already gone out an signed Heath Bell, so while the Marlins have gone out and spent money this off season spending $6 million on a set up man is still a lot of money.  Oviedo if put on the trade market will be one the top closer available. 

Over the past three seasons he has 92 total saves with his totals increasing each year and has an ERA just under 4.  He is also coming off of a very good 2011 which saw him go for 36 saves, 1.21 WHIP (lowest of his career), 6 blown saves (lowest of his career as a closer), and a 4.06 ERA.  He probably would have gone for 40+ saves had he not missed the end of the year with is visa issues.  Look for either the Los Angeles Angles or the Baltimore Orioles to make a move to acquire Oviedo.

Also while the Marlins were able to sign Oviedo and Mujica, they were unable to yet agree to terms with Emilio Binifacio and Anibal Sanchez, both of whom have arbitartaion avalible.  Right now both sides are discussing deals, and neither side is that far off.  Sanchez is asking for $8 million while the Marlins are offering $6.9 million and Emilio Bonifacio is asking for $2 million while the Marlins are offering $1.95 million.  Look for both of these deals to be completed some time this week.