AnibalAnibal Sanchez became the first player this offseason to win his arbitration case and was award the $8 million salary that he was asking for for the upcoming 2012 season, the Marlins were offering $6.9 million.  Sanchez is coming off a very good year in which he went 8-9 in 32 starts with a 3.67 ERA and 202 strike outs.  Sanchez can be a free agent at the end of the 2012 season the Marlins are holding off on offering him a long term contract.  Emilio Bonifacio should have his arbitration hearing this week.

Juan Carlos Oviedo is still a Marlin to this point although it is still unclear what is going to happen to him.  Team President David Samson said that he does not expect Oviedo to be with the team at the start of the team.  Their is still a lot of legal stuff the he needs to go through in the Dominican Republic before he is allowed to come back to the U.S. and play baseball, and even when he does come back their is a chance that he could face disciplinary action from MLB.

However while Oviedo probaby will not be active on the Marlins come opening day, both Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson should be back in the line up at 100%.  Josh has been quoted as saying he wants to get 35 starts this year.

Their is not much not much news on the Cespedes front other than the fact that he has not yet visited with the Marlins, which may feed into the idea that he may actually not want to play in Miami.  Right now it is believed that the Cubs are the front runners while the Marlins, White Sox, Orioles, Tigers, and possibly the Indians are in the running.  **UPDATE**  Cespedes will meet with the Marlins tomorrow (2/8/11), and while MLB has declaired him a free agent he is not eligable to actually sign with any team just yet.  MLB needs to give hime the okay first before can sign with anyone.

Individual game tickets will go on sale March 3rd, however the hardest ticket to get will be those for opening day.   According to the Miami Herald “Samson said about 1,000 tickets "at most" will be available through the lottery for Opening Night. Fans must register online to be included in the lottery.”  You can register at marlins.com/openingnightTickets to the teams exhibition game versus the New york Yankees on April 1st and 2nd will go on sale at 10am on February 18th.  Meanwhile the team has already sold out of tickets to their preseason game versus the University of Miami, and plan to run out of tickets to the game versus the FIU Panthers within the next week.