Ozzie Guillen: In his first game back after a five game suspension many were waiting to see what fan reactions to Ozzie Guillen were going to be in Miami after his comments about Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and his apology.  And as it turns out the reaction was very inderwelming.  Their were only one or two portesters outside before the game and maybe just a hand full of comments yelled at Ozzie from inside the stadium.  Not to sure if this is becuase people were waiting to see if he lives up to his words of becoming more involved in the Cuban community, people accepted his appology, or people were just boycotting Ozzie by staying home.  If anything more comments were yelled at Heath Bell on Tuesday night on his way out to the mound in the 9th inning on Tuesday.

Omar Infante:  Omar will be sitting out of Wednesday and Thursday's games against the Cubs due to tightness in left groin.  This is pretty much just a precausionary messure and Infante will be avalible to pitch hit in both games if needed.  Donnie Murphy will be starting in Infante's place.

Heath Bell:  Marlins fans can finally beath a sigh of relief as last night Bell got his first save in a Marlins uniform.  After blowing his first two save opportunities as a Marlins, Bell came into Tuesday's game with the Marlins leading 5-2 in the 9th.  Bell, after being told by a fan sitting at the Clevelander not to "blow this one", was able to retire the Cubs in order and secure the Marlins victory.