With the Marlins 2-1 loss against the Mets last night a real trend has begun to emerge with the Fish.  When the Marlins struggle from the plate they don't win.  In the teams nine losses the Marlins have scored on average only 1.7 runs per game, and if you take out the two losses the Marlins have because of Heath Bell's blown saves that number droops to 0.9 runs per game.  It is an absolutely staggering drop off when you take into account the fact that the Marlins are scoring 5.4 runs per game in their victories.  It is almost like the Marlins on any given day are either going to hit the ball all around the ball park or the team is not going to hit at all.  Part of the reason the team is not scoring on a consistent bases is that that have the National Leagues 12th ranked batting average (.237) and the team is still waiting for Jose Reyes (.217), Hanley Ramirez (.250) and Gaby Sanchez (.215) to get stated this season and hit with consistency.  Those are three players who should be hitting .280+ for the season.  The Marlins are also waiting for Giancarlo Stanton to be more productive as well.  Still waiting for his first home run of the season, Stanton has only 5 RBI this year (2 more than Donnie Murphy) and has been moved down to fifth or sixth in the batting order depending on the night.  When Omar Infante has been arguably your most productive offensive player and you have the lineup that the Marlins have, something is wrong.

Of course their hitting woes are also taking away from the good job the Marlins pitchers are doing, ranked sixth in the National League with a 3.22 ERA.  In the games the Marlins have lost, they are giving up 4 runs per game, but if you take out the Heath Bell blown saves that number drops down to 3.6 which is not that far from the average runs per game against the Marlins in their victories (3.2 runs per game).  It is almost amazing to consider how good the Marlins would be had that not blown so many save opportunities.  Despite getting succeeding on only 33% of their save opportunities, the Marlins bullpen has the 3rd lowest ERA in the NL and the 2nd lowest bating average against.

So while many will say that the Marlins just need to score and they will turn things around, thats not exsactly the caes.  The Marlins could just need to score on a more consistent bases (they actually average 3.6 runs per game thru 16 games) instead of scoreing 6 runs in one game and 0 in the next, and then they will be on the right path.  Hopefully guys like Reyes, Hanley, Gaby, and Stanton will start hitting like the players they are and the Marlins can get some consistency starting tonight.