ozzie-guillenReports have come out threw ESPN that Ozzie Guillen has tonight managed his final game for the Chicago White Sox and that he will become the manager of the Miami Marlins next season.  The announcement could come as soon as Wednesday night after the final game of the season.

This comes after Marlins current manager Jack McKeon announced today that he will not be returning next year to manage the team next year, ans supposedly Guillen had told his White Sox players before their game today that this would be his last game managing them.

Technically Ozzie still has another year left with the his contract with his current deal with the White Sox, but he made it clear a month ago that he would not be back with the team unless he is given a contract extension.  So with the White Sox agreeing to let him out of his contract for next year it means that if he were to sign on to manage the Marlins in 2012 the White Sox are owed compensation, and it is believed that the Marlins will be giving the White Sox to unnamed minor league players as compensation.

Their have been rumors about Ozzie Guillen becoming the Marlins next manager since Edwin Rodriguez resigned from the position earlier this year.  Ozzie was a third base coach for the team in 2003 before taking over the White Sox job, and Miami has remained his home in the off-season.  It will be interesting to see how Ozzie's outspoken no nonsense style messes with all this young talent on the Marlins.