Above is what is believed to be the new logo for the Marlins when they move to their new stadium next year and become the Miami Marlins.  The new logo and uniforms were suppose to be unveiled on November 11th, but this logo being leaked maybe a good thing for the fish as most fans are telling them that they should go back to the drawing board.  Supposedly the colors incorporated in the logo are the same that are being used in the new stadium.  While their were rumors that the new Marlins uniforms and colors were going to be similar to the old minor league Miami Marlins color scheme, and while they may have been going for that with this logo it still doesn't seem to work well. 

Most of the things that people are saying about the logo other than the fact that they do not like it is that it is a little to plain and uninspiring, it reminds them to much of the the Giants logo, and most just generally do not like the colors.  Most believe the reason the Marlins phased out the amount of teal in their uniforms as to increase their merchandise sales and teal is not a very popular color.  If this is true you have to wonder why a team would go for such unfashionable colors as yellow and burnt orange.

Personally while I do not think it is a bad logo, I am not really a fan of the color sheme and I'm generally disapointed with the overall thing.  Hopefully this is not the actual logo or if it is, maybe the Marlins Front Office will bend to public opinion and change it while their is still time.

***Update*** Team VP David Samson was very dismissive of the logo during his regular time slot on the Dan Lebatard show on 790 this afternoon, but Jorge Sedano just tweeted out that he spoke to Samson and this is not the new logo.