The Marlins had one of the worst months in MLB history in June, only winning 5 game, and after a good July that helped them get all the way back to .500 two games into August, but then the rest of August happened.  After those first two wins, the Marlins only won five more games the rest of the month and finished the month with a 7-20 record and are 15 games under .500.  Combined in June and August the Marlins are 12-43, the other three months of the season the Marlins are 48-32.

Of course the record on the field was not even the worse thing that happened to the Marlins in the month of August.  The worse thing that happened had to have been the Marlins situation with the demotion of Logan Morrison.  While LoMo had struggled from the plate recently it ws obvious that the Marlins Front Office sent him down to the Minor Leagues to send him a message.  The Marlins Front Office had wished that the fan favorite player would stop tweeting so much, even though he had never really said anything negative about the team or league via twitter.  Then after taking some advise from advice from Wes Helms, who the Marlins cut, that resulted in LoMo leaving early and skipping team sponsored fan events the Marlins made the decision to send the left fielder down.  The Marlins did bring Morrison back up after 10 games, but now Marlins fans just hope that the relationship between the Front Office and the player are not so strained that the team does something rash like trade Morrison, because their will be no shortage of teams looking to aquire him.

In the everyday lineup the Marlins had a few bright spots as Mike Stanton batted .275 with seven home runs, John Buck hit .254 with five home runs, and despite and injury that put him on the DL, Omar Infante hit .384 in 55 at bats.  The Marlins also saw Bryan Petersen, who filled in for Logan Morrison in the outfield, batted .288 and looked like he should really compete for a bench spot on the Marlins next season.  However for the rest of the team, August was mostly a disaster.  Hanley Ramirez went to the DL and their is a good chance he will not play the rest of the season, Gaby Sanchez hit .189, Logan Morrison hit .219, Greg Dobbs hit .235, and Emilio Bonifacio hit only .241 after being Player of the Month in July.

Even from the mound, the Marlins were pretty putrid outside of Javier Vazquez who has been by far the Marlins best pitcher since the All-Star break.  Vazquez went 1-2 in six starts in August with 40 strikeouts and a 2.48 ERA.  No other Marlins starter had and ERA less than five.  Actually the next lowest ERA for the Marlins in August was Chris Volstad with a 5.01 ERA, and a 0-4 record in four starts.  The other Marlins starters in August, Nolasco, Sanchez, Hensley, and Hand had ERAs of 6.32, 5.14, 8.61, 8.10 respectively and had a combined record of 3-9 in 17 starts.

The Marlins still have another month of the season left.  This was a season where the Marlins were at least suppose to be in the hunt for the wild card spot, but going to the final month the team is 15 under and in last place.  Really the only thing that matters for the Marlins for the rest of the season will be September call ups and seeing if guys like John Baker, Scott Cousins, and Chris Coghlan can get healthy enough to play in the big leagues.  The Marlins have also had to deal with poor and injury filled seasons with their most MLB ready Minor Leaguers, Sean West, Alex Sanabia, and Matt Dominguez, so hopefully those players will be able to play this September for the Fish and we'll be able to see if they will be able to contribute next year.