Marlins Fans, if you are a true Marlins fan, you know that Gaby Sanchez is having a great year.  He is one of the leaders of this team, and this year he is one of the Marlins top hitters, not only in average but in RBI's and home runs as well.  While the story around baseball involving the Marlins has been how they have been off to this great start despite struggles from Hanley Ramirez and Mike Stanton, the reason the Marlins have not struggled offensively has in large part been because of Gaby.  His numbers are so good that he is in the top 10 in several NL batting categories.  However being a first basemen in the NL means that you often get over looked when it comes to All-Str voting because of bigger named players.  So Marlins fans it is your job to log on to mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2011/ballot.jsp and vote for Gaby Sanchez and other Marlins players.  Spread the word, vote often, and lets get Gaby to Arizona for All-Star Weekend.

Also the Florida Marlins are rewarding fans for voting for the 2011 All-Star game.  Vote once and get 1/2 of Bullpen Bleacher seats on selected games, and vote 22 times and youu get two FREE tickets to a  Marlins game.

Check out Gaby Sanchez's numbers when compared to the other All-Star first basemen in the National League (Number in parentheses is rank compared to other NL first basemen).  Gaby has stats (as of 6/5/11) that are very comparble to 2010 MVP Joey Votto and one of the hottest power hitters in the game this month, Prince Fielder.  Only Fielder and Sanchez are in the top 5 in every catigory.  Also I had to add Freddie Freeman since he is 5th in NL All-Star voting, ahead of Gaby Sanchez.

Gaby Sanchez, FLA 77 (2nd) 34 (4th) 41 (3rd) 31 (4th) 40 16 (2nd) 11 (4th) .312  (3rd) .387 (4th) .510 (4th) .897 (4th)
Albert Pujols, STL 71 (4th) 46 (1st) 40 (4th) 28 (6th) 24 10 (10th) 14 (2nd) .274 (7th) .348 (8th) .475
.823 (5th)
Ryan Howard, PHI 61 (7th) 32 (5th) 53 (2nd) 31 (5th) 78 15 (6th) 13 (3rd) .247 (10th) .336 (10th) .474 (6th) .809 (7th)
Prince Fielder, MIL 72 (3rd) 39 (3rd) 58 (1st) 37 (3rd) 31 17 (1st) 19 (1st) .305 (4th) .415 (2nd) .627 (1st) 1.042 (1st)
Joey Votto, CIN 80 (1st) 46 (1st) 39 (5th) 55 (1st) 50 16 (2nd) 8 (7th) .335 (1st) .463 (1st) .519 (3rd) .982 (2nd)
Freddie Freeman, ATL 62 (6th) 27 (7th) 25 (10th) 21 (11th) 56 16 (2nd) 6 (10th) .272 (8th) .336 (9th) .421 (8th) .757 (9th)