Vote_For_GabyWhere are all you Marlins fans at?  MLB released if first look at the number of votes for the 2011 All-Star game and no Marlins player is in the top 5 at any position.  While players like Buck, Infante, Coghlan, and Hanley are not exsactly having All-Star caliber seasons thus far, Logan Morrison and Gaby Sanchez have carried the offense for one of the best teams in MLB. Also Mike Stanton is one of the top home run hitters in the National League.  I know that people who look at just the numbers may look over Morrison for some other players because they do not know that he missed a few games, but their is no way that Gaby Sanchez should be behind someone like Atlanta's Freddie Freeman in all star voting.  If you look at my Vote for Gaby posting, you can see that Gaby has some of the best numbers for a first baseman in the National League, and really only the Red's Joey Votto is comparable to Gaby.  So Marlins fans, your players deserve to play in the All-Star game and they need your help to get their.  Go over to MLB.com and vote for Gaby Sanchez & Co. for the 2011 All-Star game.


National League All-Star Voting numbers as of 5/31:

Buster Posey, Giants: 785,314
Brian McCann, Braves: 633,987
Yadier Molina, Cardinals: 595,576
Carlos Ruiz, Phillies: 354,680
Ramon Hernandez, Reds: 350,771

Albert Pujols, Cardinals: 988,784
Joey Votto, Reds: 806,346
Prince Fielder, Brewers: 540,269
Ryan Howard, Phillies: 521,220
Freddie Freeman, Braves: 200,886

Brandon Phillips, Reds: 837,778
Rickie Weeks, Brewers: 562,071
Chase Utley, Phillies: 561,585
Dan Uggla, Braves: 465,219
Freddy Sanchez, Giants: 347,713

Placido Polanco, Phillies: 724,724
Chipper Jones, Braves: 540,168
Pablo Sandoval, Giants: 522,037
David Wright, Mets: 500,200
Scott Rolen, Reds: 370,271

Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies: 975,777
Jimmy Rollins, Phillies: 454,782
Jose Reyes, Mets: 408,699
Alex Gonzalez, Braves: 328,021
Stephen Drew, Diamondbacks: 303,811

Ryan Braun, Brewers: 971,809
Matt Holliday, Cardinals: 927,778
Lance Berkman, Cardinals: 872,434
Andre Ethier, Dodgers: 776,971
Matt Kemp, Dodgers: 549,215
Jason Heyward, Braves: 484,291
Shane Victorino, Phillies: 476,644
Carlos Beltran, Mets: 389,561
Alfonso Soriano, Cubs: 354,231
Justin Upton, Diamondbacks: 338,487
Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies: 337,728
Jay Bruce, Reds: 337,380
Raul Ibanez, Phillies: 294,294
Drew Stubbs, Reds: 292,907
Martin Prado, Braves: 284,558

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