emilio-bonifacio-300x204Thankfully manager Edwin Rodriguez finally made the changes that I have been asking for in moving Omar Infante down in the lineup and Emilio Bonifacio up.  Fact was the Infante just had not been hitting well enough to stay in that 2 spot.  Rodriguez made the change Wednesday night having Infante hit 7th, and then he hit 8th on Thursday afternoon (Buck was not in the lineup on Wednesday).  Emilio Bonifacio who continues to hit the ball well has been moved up to the 2nd spot in the order.  Personally, I believe he should be hitting lead off because their is a good chance that he can score if Chris Coghlan hits a double behind him (Coghlan does lead the Marlins in RBI), meanwhile with Bonifacio hitting 2nd it is much less likely that Coghlan will score when Emilio gets a hit.  I know that Bonifacio is not your typical lead off man, does not see a lot of pitches and has a history of striking out a lot, but with the way that Emilio and Coghlan are hitting their is a good chance to manufacture some early runs with Emilio hitting runs.

The other change that the Marlins have made is that Edwin Rodriguez said that he will rotate Greg Dobbs and Wes Helms at third, but based on the St. Louis series Dobbs looks like he will be the primary option at third base.  I have liked what I have seen out of Dobbs since spring training, and I have been driving his bandwagon since the first week of the season.  I have been calling for Dobbs to be the Marlins starting 3rd baseman since April 18th.  Dobbs even with increased at bats still continues to hit above .300, and Dobbs is a decent enough fielder that the Marlins will not have an issue defensively.

The Marlins are going to have to make a few more decisions in the up coming week when Logan Morrison comes back to the lineup.  Mainly they will have to decide whether they will keep Bonifacio at the 2 spot and move him to 3rd base or will they keep Dobbs at third and move him down to 7th in the order with Infante moving back to the 2 spot.  The Marlins may also want to think about moving Stanton back to the 4 spot now that he has started to hit the ball (average up to .253 with 5 home runs).  No matter what Edwin Rodriguez decides, having to alter your lineup because players are being productive is a good issue to have to deal with.