Over the past few weeks I have said that all that Matt Dominguez needs to do is hit consistently during this Spring and he will be handed the starting 3rd base job, and he had been doing a good job for most of the spring.  At one point his batting average was up over .316 this Spring, but he has been going through a bad slump and his average has dipped under .200 (currently .184).  This has changed things so that Matt, him gone from looking like an almost sure thing to be the opening day starter, to now it being a real question if he will be the starter.  His slump could be because of a few things that happen during in Spring Training, especially to rookies like Dominguez.  As the spring has gone on you have starting pitchers going longer into games and teams cut down on the number of pitchers in their rotation to get it down to who will really be in their big league bullpen.  Also the Marlins themselves have cut down on the number of players on their roster so Dominguez is now getting more at bats.  So while in the first few weeks Matt may have gone 2-3 in a game, if you look at the at bats he may have gone 0-1 against the opposing teams ace, go 2-2 against 2 pitchers who will start in Double-A in April, and then he may have been replaced in the game and then get the next day off.  Now Matt has games going 0-4 with him going 0-2 versus a teams starter and then 0-2 against decent major league bullpen guys.  Also with the Marlins playing St. Louis 8 times, New York Mets 7 times, and Washington 4 times some pitchers may have seen him before and now know some of his tendencies as opposed to the first time against him when he was some what of an unknown.

What is also hurting Dominguez's chances of starting is the fact that Greg Dobbs is having a very good spring training, he is still hitting .400 this spring.  Dobbs gives the Marlins the option of having a 3rd base by committee with Dobbs and Helms alternating based on who is hot and who matches up better.  The Marlins signed Dobbs in the off-season to a Minor League contract just so they could have this option.  However another option has also arisen for the Marlins with the Mets cutting second basemen Luis Castillo.  Castillo, a former Marlin and a fan favorite, could be an opotion for the Marlins as well.  While the Marlins have yet to contact him, if they do the plan would be to have Luis Castillo play 2nd base and then move Omar Infante to 3rd bse where he has played before.  It should be noted that Castillo, while he did have a poor 2010, the Mets cut him primarily because of the fact that they owed him $6 million (and it's no secret the Mets are in serious financial trouble) and played less than 90 games 2 out of the last 3 seasons.