Josh Johnson- He is set to take a precausionary visit to the infamous Dr. James Andrew on Wednesday, who did Johnson's Tommy John sergery a few years ago.  Johnson, who is currently on the 60-day DL and can not come back till July 16 at the earliest, is doing the visit because his shoulder is still not 100%.  While Josh Johnson's agent, Matt Sosnick, said that this trip is 'strickly precautionaty' in general it is never a good sign when an athlete goes to see Dr. James Andrews.

Hanley Ramirez- On Jack McKeon's first day on the job he benched, or gave the night off if you believe what the media was told the next day, but since then he has been on one of his hottest streaks of the season.  Before McKeon took over Hanley was hitting just .201, but in the six games since he has gone 8-21 (.381) with four RBI and three runs and has raised his batting average to .218.  Hopefully this is the beginning of the turnaround for Hanley, who has only spent two days with a batting average above .220 since April 22.

Logan Morrison-  LoMo is expected to make a start today (or tomorrow if the game gets rained out), but will be making the start as a DH as opposed to left field.  Morrison had been given the previous two games off due to his slump this past month.  Like so many other players this month, LoMo has really had his struggles this June.  He is batting below .200, only .189, this month and has seen his average drop from .330 on May 27 to it current .264 mark.  Marlins hope that Morrison will be able to rebound the same way Hanley has been able to since being benched on Jack McKeon's first game.

How U2 Screwed the Marlins- Okay so we all know that the Marlins had to play their last series in Seattle despite it being a home series for the Marlins.  The series had to be moved because of a U2 concert that ws going to be held at Sun Life Stadium...on Wednesday.  Apperently the stage for U2's concert is so complex that it takes several days to put together, and thus the Marlins had to have their games moved if the concert was going to happen a few days after.  Fast forward to game one of the Oakland series where after raining all day the grounds crew is having a hard time making the field playable, in part due to the fresh dirt that had to be brought in after a U2 concert was held at the Oakland Coliseum