Javy_wides_faceThe misery that has consumed the Florida Marlins continued this week in Philadelphia with the Phillies four game sweep of the Marlins.  All you really need to know about how poorly the Marlins played in the four loses is that they were out scored 25-6 and Javier Vazquez was probably the second best Marlins player in the series after Anibal Sanchez.  Anibal let up two runs on four hits and six strikeouts in seven innings, the Marlins were in line for the win until Leo Nunez gave up a two out two run single to Carlos Ruiz in the ninth to send the game to extra innings.  Javier Vazquez the next day only pitched five innings but gave up two runs on eight hits, a relatively good day for him, but the Marlins failed him at the plate only getting two hits as Cliff Lee pitched a complete game shut out.

The Marlins six runs scored over the series was a result of their continued struggles with runners on base.  Over the course of the four games the Marlins left 22 men on base and went 2-10 with runners in scoring position.  Although those struggles really didn't matter in the first two games as the Marlins lost 9-1 and 8-1.  In those two games starters Chris Volstad and Elih Villanueva gave up 16 runs, on 15 hits, and seven walks with four strikeouts in 8.2 innings.  At this point it is just getting sad for the Marlins.  The players are pressing at the plate to try are hit any runner on base home, the amount of games in a row and the poor staring pitching performances are wearing down what was once a good bullpen, and the team as a whole is so desperate for a win that getting over that hump seems like a herculean task.

Just like most of the season the Marlins offense was carries by Logan Morrison and Gaby Sanchez who both hit solo home runs in this series (maybe the best evidence of how much the Marlins are pressing with runners on base is how many of their home runs in this current streak have been solo blasts).  In the series Morrison went 4-16 while Sanchez batted 3-13, and those were by far the best on the team.  Mike Stanton meanwhile really struggled going 2-15 in the series.  At least this weeks were more understandable as the Marlins faced Cole Hamles, Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee in three of the four game. 

Cogz_n_LoMo_collideThe only good news for the Marlins that came in this series was that Hanley Ramirez is back and is now leading off for the Marlins.  But of coursein Marlins fashon he did not hit any better than he had before going on the DL, going 1-9 in the Philadelphia series.  Also good news for the Marlins is that they have brought Jose Lopez up from the minor leagues.  The former Seattle Mariners starter will give the Marlins another option at third base, a decent option off the bench, and a fill in middle infielder who can give Edwin Rodriguez the option to give some players a night off.  Of course both those pieces of news are off set by the news that Josh Johnson will be out for at least another month of action.

Seeing how the Marlins played in this series I can't stop thinking about how in the post after the first series against the Phillies I had warned that the rained out game maybe be a bad for the Marlins.  That turned out to be very true as the Marlins were playing well then and the Phillies were still without several top players, and going into this week it was just about the complete opposite if that.  Now the Marlins who are 1-15 in their last 16 and 3-18 in thier last 21 games gets to face their in state rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays, for a three game weekend series.

  • Friday in Tampa at 7:10-- Bard Hand vs. Wade Davis
  • Saturday in Tampa at 7:10-- Ricky Nolasco vs. Alex Cobb
  • Sunday in Tampa at 1:40-- Chris Volstad vs. James Sheilds