Unlike years in the past the Marlins do not have a lot of depth or can’t miss prospects in their minor leagues, but that has more to do with the promotions of players like Chris Coghlan, Mike Stanton, Logan Morrison, and Gaby Sanchez to the major leagues.

1. Matt Dominguez, 3B
—The Marlins did not make a move at to sure up third because they hope that they will be able to bring up Dominguez this year.  However, this thing that is holding him back is his bat.  He hit only .250 last year and he does not have the kind of power that one would hope to have in a corner outfielder.  This is the reason that many scouting people believe that he will only be an average third base man at best.  He is the best defensive infielder in the Marlins organization, but he is going to need to do a better job from the plate if he wants to be the 3rd baseman for the Marlins for years to come. 

2. Chad James,  SP--- He is another tall pitcher and the best starting pitching prospect in the minors.  But he does have his issues.  He throws three pitched, a low 90s fastball, changeup, and curveball, but he is coming off a poor outing in 2010.  He has a good arm, but lacks polish.  Some believe that he could be a front end of a rotation starter, but more than likely he will be a number 3 starter.

3. Christian Yellch, OF/1B--- People in the Marlins organization see something they like in him and drafted him higher than most expected him to go.  He has a good swing and is projected to hit between .280-.300 when he is ready.  However, he needs to build up his strength and start to hit with more power.  Most likely he will end in the outfield, which he can play just fine. He does not have a great arm, but he has decent speed and a quick glove.

4. Brad Hand, SP--- He took a step forward last year and really improved his command and has a good fastball/curve combo. The one knock against him was that he leaves to many pitches in the zone. He has a career 3.83 ERA in the minors but in his last two years his ERA has not been over 3.33. He has good stuff with a good SO/BB ratio. If he continues to make strides, the lefty could see some action with the Marlins in 2011. 

5. Rob Rasmussen, SP/RP--- He is another player for the Marlins who projects out to be a 3rd or 4th starter. I think he’s getting a somewhat under appreciated on these prospect lists. He’s undersized, but has a good track record of success and four quality pitches, but none of which are dominant. 

6. Jhan Marinez, RP--- He is going to end up in a big league bullpen sooner rather than latter, and he did see some action in the majors last year.  He has a good slider, and if he can improve his fastball he maybe turned into a closer. Control and command are the only things holding him back. 

7. Kyle Skipworth, C--- Once compared to Joe Mauer, Skipworth is improving, but he needs to do a better job of making contact at the plate and is still years off from being ready for the majors.  He strikes out way to much (132 tins in 397AB), has a batting average below 2.50, and is struggling with pitch recognition, but he has shown some power. On the plus side, his defense showed a lot of improvement. 

8. Osvaldo Martinez, 2B/SS--- scrappy middle infielder who has a quick enough bat to hit a bunch of doubles and is a perfect number 2 hitter. Doesn’t have a lot of upside, but he’s a good defensive shortstop with solid plate discipline. In 43 at bats in the big leagues he has hit .326, but most believe that over the course of a full season he would hit more closely to .270. He is pretty much blocked from playing SS for a while as long as Hanley is here, and most people believe that Chris Coghlan will eventually move back to his natural position of 2nd base. If Dominguez doesn’t work out this year, then Martinez could make the team if the Marlins switch Omar Infante to 3rd. 

9. Marcell Ozuna, OF--- Apower hitting, string armed outfielder that has a lot of upside, right now he is just pretty raw.  In 68 games last year he hit 21 home runs and struck out 104 times with only 19 walks. He will just need time to develop his skill and learn to not be an all or nothing player from the plate. 

10. Scott Cousins, OF—He can be inconsistent, which has hurt him in terms of moving up the ranks (he is going to be 26 on opening day), but he could be the 4th outfielder for the Marlins this season.  He is pretty good defensively with a strong arm.  He can also hit for speed and power, but again it is all about consistency. All and all he does plenty of things well, but nothing great. 

Bonus. Tom Koehler, SP--- He really only has average stuff, but he know how to get batters out as evidenced by the very high strike out rate he had last year in Double A. All he ever does is throw strikes and win games.