iThe two big stories on all the local sports talk radio shows in South Floirda today were the recap of the Dolphins first preseason game and Logan Morrison being sent down to the minors.  Today was the most play the Marlins have received in local media in quite a while and no matter which side people were on it is was almost all negative for the Marlins as a whole.  No matter what side of the argument people were on everyone understands that the demotion of Morrison had little to do with his play on the field and more of some off the field stuff that he has butted head with the Front Office about. 

A lot of the fans whole called in to radio shows, called in suport of the Logan Morrison and agreed with the comments that he has made in the past, especially about Hanley Ramirez.  One of the things that I mentioned before the season with Dan Uggla's departure is that there really was no one on the Marlins roster who could call out Hanley this year.  Surprisingly the out spoken Morrison has actually stepped up and done that a few times this year, although less than some would make you believe as some quotes have been taken out of context.  While many frustrated Marlins fans would agree with some of the comments that he has made about Hanley, considering the year Hanley is having, others will be quick to point out that Morrison has yet to play a full season in the big leagues so what right does he have calling out an All-Star in his prime.

As much as many in management may have disagreed with what Morrison has said, I am actually glad to see him take a such big leaps in becoming a vocal leader of this team, something Hanley has never been able to do.  In general I am very much opposed to the Front Office's decision to send him down to the minor leagues, but having said that I must also say that I understand how the Marlins came to the decision they did.

The Marlins Front Office maybe one of the most stubborn and single minded front offices in all of Major League Baseball.  They want things done their way, and they will make any move they want to with out a second thought to how others might view it.  So for them, after trying to tell LoMo to watch what he says to the media, telling him to cut down on the tweeting, and them have him walk out of one fan publicity event and to skip another (yes I do know that management cut a bowling event LoMo was trying to do), they came to the view that they would have to do something to strongly make their point.  Judging by the way it sounded that Morrison was almost in tears after receiving the news, he got their point. 

At this point I just hope that the relationship between the Front Office and Morrison is not so bad that the Front Office does anything more rash.  This butting heads between ownership and a member of the team feels all to familiar to what happened between the Marlins Front Office and Joe Girardi.  The Marlins fired the NL Manager of the year after one season because the two parties had different views of the team, and Girardi went on to win a World Series managing the Yankees while the Marlins have been flopping around .500 ever since.  Again this time if the Marlins and Logan Morrison can't put this situation behind them, it is going to be Morrsion not the Front Office who will come out a winner.  Morrison in 156 career games is a .264 hitter with 19 home runs, 78 RBI, and 83 runs... plenty of teams will be on the phone with the Marlins trying to acquire him.  Meanwhile the Marlins would be left with another hole to fill in their line up and one of the major cornerstones that they were hoping to build around gone.

So again to sum up, while I understand while the Marlins Front Office felt a need to do something to Logan Morrison (and to be fair in just about any job if you put down a coworker, management, don't show up to a mandatory work event, and your performances has been slipping the last few months, your employer would punish you in some way), what they ended up deciding on was way to harsh and the team is wrong in this situation.  I just hope that in some way the relationship between the two is fixable and that they can get past this current situation.