Their were a couple of news iteams the cropped up from Tuesday's 6-0 win over the Pittisburgh Pirates.  The biggest news was that Logan Morrison injured the arch on his left foot in his first at bat.  He tried to play through the injury, but in the 4th inning after his second at bat he was taken out of the game.  The injury was ruled as a strain, but he had an MRI this morning at his foot.  Morrison said about the injury last night that "The first step it would hurt, and then it would start to feel better, then I'd swing again and hurt it."  While the injury is not too serious, most likely we will not see him back in the lineup until this weekend against the Rockies at the earliest.

The other injured Marlins is third baseman Donnie Murphy, who said that was feeling a lot better.  He was quoted yesturday in saying that he was 99 and 7/10th sure that he would be available last night to pitch hit, and he did get into the game.  Like LoMo, I would realy doubt that we would see Murphy in the lineup before the start of the Colorado series.  While these two Marlins are out Emilio Bonifacio, who started yesturday at third, will be playing left field while Greg Dobbs starts at third.

The other change that the Marlins made was that Mike Stanton was moved down the the 6th spot in the order. Manager Edwin Rodriguez says that his move is only temporary while Stanton get on track from the plate.  Going into Tuesday Stanton was hitting only .194, while Gaby Sanchez and Logan Morrison behind him both hitting over .300.  Even with Morrison out of the lineup Stanton will continue to hit on the 6th spot and Greg Dobbs, for at least Wednesday night, will hit in the 5th spot in the order.  In the first game batting in the 6th spot, Stanton went 1 for 3 with 2 runs and a strikeout.