The 4pm non waiver trade deadline has come and gone and there was a suprising amount of action that happened.  While sluggers like Adam Dunn and Prince Fielder are stating put, pitchers Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Dan Haren have all been switched teams.  Now it is time to see what teams are the big winners of this years trade deadline.


unknownTexas Rangers- The Rangers actually started things off in June by trading for catcher Bengie Molina, and then adding pitcher Cliff Lee. Those two moves alone would have made them winners in my book, but with Texas was not finished.  With holes in its infield caused by trading Justin Smoak in the Cliff Lee deal and then Ian Kinsler getting hurt, the Rangers also added Jorge Cantu from Florida and Cristian Guzman from Washington.  Also should be noted that Texas traded catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia to Boston for 3 prospects and cash.  All and all Texas has done a great job, and if Cliff Lee and Dan Harden, who is coming off the DL, can be consistent this could a team who could make it to the ALCS.

images2New York Yankees- To bad for Texas that they are going to run into the Yankees in the ALCS and the Yanks may have made themselves the clear favorite for the World Series, if they were not already.  Without giving up any of their top prospects the Yankees were able to add Lance Berkman, Austin Kerns, and relief pitcher Kerry Wood.  That Yankee lineup should strike fear in the hearts of every pitching staff they come across.  The Yankee lineup now looks like: 1. Jeter-SS  2.Berkman-DH  3.Teixeira-1B  4.Rodriguez-3B  5.Cano-2B  6.Posada-C  7.Swisher-RF  8.Granderson-CF 9.Gardner-LF and in the playoffs they will have Kearns, Thames, Johnson, and Cerveli all available to pitch hit off the bench.  That is just stupid, not to mention that they have a good pitchers and relievers.

images-11SAN DIEGO PADRES-  All year long the Padres have had outstanding pitching, but no one believed that they could keep up their winning ways because they would not be able to score enough runs. So without damaging their current pitching staff and bullpen the Padres went out and added Miguel Tajada and Ryan Ludwick.  With the NL not having any clear cut front runner this will keep San Diego in the mix for not only the playoffs but also possibly advancing in the playoffs.

images-21Los Angles Dodgers- The Dodgers were able to make a couple of nice moves before the deadline by acquiring Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot, Octavio Dotel, and Scott Podsednik.  These are all good solid moves that I can not fault the Dodgers  for making.  That being said I still do not believe that the Dodgers will be able to pass either the Padres or San Francisco.


-San Francisco Giants were able to strengthen its bullpen by acquiring Javire Lopez form Kansas City and Ramon Ramirez from Boston, however were unable to get another power bat.

-Atlanta Braves added a solid bullpen player in Kyle Farnsworth and a good bat in Rick Ankiel.  They could have used another staring pitcher I believe, but for a team leading the NL East and would be a game back in the wild card these will help them stay in the playoff race.

-Los Angles Angles added Dan Haren and gave up very little for him, but this was a move to improve them next year more so then this year.  The Angles seem to have put up the white flag for the 2010 season as they only made one move and the Rangers stocked piled talent.

-Philadelphia Phillies did the biggest move of the trade season by getting Roy Oswalt at a very discounted price, but I do not consider them winners because the only reason they had to get Oswalt is because they traded away a better pitcher in Cliff Lee


Chicago White Sox/Tampa Bay Rays- Both of these teams were looking to add a big bat to there lineup.  The White Sox even traded for Edwin Jackson because he was the player that the Nationals said that the wanted for Dunn.  I do have to give the Rays so credit though for adding Chad Qualls to their bullpen, but that is not enough to keep up with the Yankees.

St. Louis Cardinal- They were able to add a player that they wanted in Jake Westbrook, but they had to give up Ryan Ludwick to do so.  I know that Jon Jay has come on strung for the Cardinals making Ludwick expendable, but they should have gotten more then just Westbrook for him.  Also Cardinals should have gotten Oswalt, I think if they had they would have been the team to beat in the NL.

FLORIDA MARLINS/CINCINNATI REDS/BOSTON RED SOX/COLORADO ROCKIES-  All these teams seem to have given up on this year, which is a shame because I do not think that any of them are far off from being playoff teams.  However none of them made any significant moves, or any moves at all in the case of the Rockies and Reds.  Meanwhile all of these teams have seen other teams in their divisions make improvements.

I also want to give a shut out to the Kansas City Royals and Arizona Dimondbacks who tried to trade off any player of any value of their roster.  Way to go!